E-zone School of Computing

Our Projects

Our projects help us fulfill our mission of imparting knowledge and skills that will make our students pace setters in the field of Information Technology.

Nange! Project

‘Nange’ is a ganda word meaning ‘Me too’. Nange! is the wish of many kids in a many African communities. Despite the pace at which technology is getting into their everyday life, they don’t have the opportunity to learn the basics of operating computers and related devices. This was our motivation, to provide beginner classes to those who cannot afford.

E-zone School of Computing - Nange! Project
E-zone School of Computing - WordPress Weekend 3

WordPress Weekend

Much as having a website is inevitably becoming necessary, many in Uganda cannot afford to take on these uncharted waters. This is why every weekend, we offer free WordPress/Web Design lessons to target communities to help them start their online journey. It is our dream that every school, charity, and business can start and manage their own website.

WOmen in Technology

The gender gap in the technology field is still noticeably wide. This project serves to introduce more women into technology leadership and entrepreneurship because we believe they understand their challenges better and can therefore use technology to solve them and improve their lives.

E-zone School of Computing - WOmen in Technology 1 (5)