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When you buy a domain and hosting, the hosting company will most likely send you cPanel details to your email. It’s in cPanel that you will be able to install WordPress, create company emails and many other tasks.

1. Login to cPanel
Type your domain name followed by /cpanel e.g. www.creativeschool.tk/cpanel. Fill in the spaces with the username and password that were provided by your hosting company.

cPanel login


Below is a look inside cPanel

Inside cPanel


2. Scroll down to Softaculous Apps Installer

Softaculous Apps Installer



3. Click WordPress and Click Install Now.

Click WordPress


4. Under Software Setup, go to Installation url and do the following: 
(i) Choose Protocol: https:// 
(ii) Choose Domain: Leave as is 
(iii) In Directory: Remove wp and leave it empty

Software Setup


5. Under Site settings, make the following changes:
(i) Site name: Replace ‘My Blog‘ with your websites name e.g. Creative School of Uganda
(ii) Site Description: Replace ‘My WordPress Blog‘ with your slogan e.g. A Creative Mind for a Creative Generation


6. Under Admin Account make these changes.
(i) Admin Username: Type what you want
(ii) Admin Password: Make your own password too
(iii) Admin e-mail: Put your e-mail or leave the default email

Admin Account


7. Scroll to the bottom and click Install.



8. In case of errors, click to Select the checkbox to overwrite files and continue then scroll down to click Install


Congs! You are through with installation of WordPress.

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