Why Enroll for This Certificate in Digital Pedagogy

The classroom is changing – fast! The needs of the 21st Century learner are also growing. To meet these needs, the solution lies in blended classrooms, hybrid classrooms or flipped classrooms.

Fortunately, over the last decade or so, several tools have been developed to meet these needs.

As a teacher, it has become inevitable that you gain proficiency in using these tools if you are to remain relevant in the profession.

If we teach today, as we taught yesterday, we rob our students of tomorrow.

Modules in this Course

  • Advanced Internet Use & Safety

    Explore the internet for research and study purposes and learn how to avoid common mistakes that could compromise your safety.

  • Advanced Proficiency in Email Use

    Get a deep understanding of email use for professional communication. Learn how to securely setup your mail and avoid malicious correspondence.

  • Online Collaboration

    Get introduced to working on your classwork in a team of fellow staff members even when separated by geographical boundaries.

  • Digital Content Creation

    The time for yellow notes is way behind us. Learn how to easily create editable resources in various formats to suit different scenarios.

  • Computer Based Assessment

    The time for manual assessment is also long gone. Get introduced to the tools we use in assessment in 21st century classrooms.

  • Video Conferencing Technologies

    The class can now go on even when teacher and learner are geographically apart. Learn the different technologies that are now available to enable this.

  • YouTube for Education

    Learn how to use the world's most popular video sharing platform to archive, share tutorials schedule lessons, and even live classes.

  • Offline Education Libraries

    Get a deep practice on how to use offline libraries for schools that can work even in the absence of an internet connection.

  • Social Media Use & Etiquette

    Social media is a double edged sword. Learn how to leverage the power of social media for education & work-life balance

  • Blogging

    Now, more than ever before, the influence of a teacher goes beyond the 4 walls of the classroom. Learn how to use online platforms to write and empower generations.

  • Google Sites

    Learn how to create websites using google's free tools to reach a wider audience with no limits to geographical area or time zone.

  • Cloud Computing

    Dive into the world of cloud computing where teaching and learning resources can be stored online. Learn what works best and how.

  • Graphics & Illustration

    Illustrations aid a lot in learning. Learn how to draw your won illustrations with all the detail you need and finesse of an expert.

About The Next Intake

Start Date

14th February 2022

Registration Fee

10,000 UGX


100,000 UGX


14 Weeks

The next class starts on 14th February 2022

Technology may not replace the teacher. But the teacher who doesn't use technology will certainly be replaced!