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A Look Inside the Computer Lab of E-zone School of Computing – Babirye Caroline

A Look Inside the Computer Lab of E-zone School of Computing – Babirye Caroline

My name is Caroline Babirye a student of E-zone School of Computing. Having spend two months at E-zone learning how to use the Internet, Word, Excel and other office applications, I am now a different person. My keyboard and mouse skills have greatly improved and my understanding of the internet is beyond Facebook and WhatsApp.

For those who have not been to E-zone, this article will help you get a sneak peak into the computer lab that makes me what I am today.

The Talking Wall

When you enter the computer lab, you are welcomed by a wall that clearly shows you that you are in the right place. The wall prepares you for the journey ahead and gives you the right feel for a computer lab. The wall is decorated with popular computer icons and inspirational quotes from Jeff Bezos, Bill gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Ma.

The Motivational Corner

The motivational corner at E-zone School of Computing is also decorated with a nice flower and inspirational quotes from Aziz Kafeero of Kafeero Foundation, Matt Mullenweg of WordPress, Micheal Dell of Dell Inc and Segey Brin of Google Inc. I later learnt that all these are pace setters in the field of computing.

The Computer Lab Guidelines

The guidelines to follow while in the computer lab are also well placed in one corner of the lab. The guidelines reminded us not to have food and drinks at the work stations, keeping the work area clean, surfing safely among others. True to these guidelines, working with fellow students has always been a simple experience.

The Game Pad

Much as E-zone School teaches computing, the computer lab has a game pad for those who need a break from the lessons and would rather occupy themselves with a game. Though I haven’t seen a girl using it, the boys use this gadget so much when they are done with their computer lessons.

The Computers

The Computer Lab of E-zone School has 11 modern computers. What surprised me with the setup was that I saw only 1 system unit in the entire lab. The teacher explained to us that the lab uses NComputing technology where 1 system unit serves many monitors. This, he said helped in reducing the power bill by up to 90 percent while saving him from routine maintenance.

Laptop for Recording Video Lessons

In order for one to earn their certificate at E-zone School of Computing, you have to record at least 20 video lessons of what you have learnt. A laptop fitted with a high definition web cam is what we use to record these videos. Creating such videos is challenging in the beginning but after a few tries, I found it worth trying. Our video lessons will soon be uploaded to the school’s youtube channel which is still in progress.

Would you join or recommend someone to E-zone School of Computing? You can contact them on their listed address and truth be told, you will not leave the same person. Cheers!

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