Why I Recommend E-zone School of Computing – Shabirah Nakiyonga

Why I Recommend E-zone School of Computing – Shabirah Nakiyonga

My names are Nakiyonga Shabirah and for 2 months since August 2020 I have been a student at E-zone School of Computing. The long Covid-19 holiday was getting longer and longer with no sign of coming to an end. That’s when me and my parents decided that I polish my computer skills from a place nearby.

E-zone School of Computing in Nabbingo is one of the schools where one can learn basic computer skills like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Being near my home, I found this convenient for me.

I must say that my 2 months were not in vain. I found this school a place worth visiting. If I was asked which computer training school I would recommend, E-zone School of Computing would be top on my list.

With Sharifah (In yellow), a fellow student turned friend.

 At E-zone School of Computing, all a student would need in a computer lab is present. The computers are fast enough and there was no sharing of PCs. Each student had their own machine giving us enough time to learn, practice, surf and even play.

The training rates at E-zone School of Computing are not only affordable but the payment plan is also flexible. I paid my fees in 3 installments and was never interrupted during lessons.

I would also recommend E-zone School of Computing because it has caring and friendly teachers who are approachable by each and every student without fear and they are always able to understand each and every student.

The ambiance at E-zone School of Computing is also favorable place which can allow each student to capture each and every thing is being taught to them. There is enough space and free interaction for consultation from with fellow students and teachers. You can go through the school’s gallery on their website here.

The teacher not only taught us Computer but also recommended some websites where we can get free study materials for our revision. One of the websites I can’t forget is Sharebility where we downloaded past papers and notes for all subject. The school’s website also has an e-library where you can download free past papers from all examination bodies in Uganda.

Later I also discovered that our teacher Mr. Dumba Stephen is an executive member of the ICT Teachers Association of Uganda. This gave me even more confirmation that I was in the right place to learn computer.

If you would like to know about E-zone School of Computing, get in touch with them here.

E-zone School of Computing runs 3 projects. Would you support them? Find out how.

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