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My First Day at E-zone School of Computing – Nanteza Tendo Hidais

My First Day at E-zone School of Computing – Nanteza Tendo Hidais

My name is Nanteza Tendo Hidais, a student at E-zone School of Computing. In the month of September after a long boring covid break I decided to look for a place to occupy me. My first thought was getting a job near home or learn a new skill.

After careful thought, I decided to look for a nearby place to learn computer skills. I eventually landed on E-zone School of Computing in Nabbingo. I chose E-zone School because of the friendliness of Aisha, the secretary. And when I learnt that my uncle was once a student of the same school, I did not look any further.

Day one at any school is usually tricky but here, it wasn’t a hard day like other places. On my first day at E –zone, I met new friends like Firdausi, Sharifah, Carol, Daphine who all came from different schools. I automatically connected with them, which is one of my best moments.  Initially computer studies was not my thing, it is the boredom that pushed me to try it out. But I thank a lot my teachers at E-zone School who showed me that computer is an interesting subject and a skill worth having.

With my classmates Caorl (L) and Daphine (C)

The keyboard teased me a lot. I wondered why all the letters were not arranged in alphabetical order and the other buttons were so much confusing.

I used the Typing Master Pro to practice the keyboard and was also taken through mouse drills. Because I found some students who had been here some weeks before me, I chanced to practice with them and learnt they introduced to me the ribbons in Word, some Power Point and the intimidating Excel formulars.

However, I was comforted that, I would learn all that as we got along.

I quickly got used to the environment, which programms I was going to learn and wow!, what an exciting time it was. I tried to create documents in Word, calculate in excel and to present in power point. And oh my God!!!

Another thing that captivated me was when the teacher showed us the school’s e-library on their website where we could download past papers for our revision. In fact I managed to find ACEITEKA exam past papers which would help me during my revision at home.

When the teacher was done with his lesson, with the help of my fellow students, I searched about everything I wanted to know on the internet. I was surprised to learn that Martin Lawrence, Akon and Chance the rapper, actually my best were my birth mates.

I really enjoyed the fair first day at E-zone and later thanked my uncle for recommending E-zone school of computing.

If you think E-zone is a good school, please donate to support their projects which seek to help the less privileged to also acquire basic computing skills. You can contact E-zone School of Computing here.

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