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Nange! Project: Providing Computer Skills to the Less Privileged at no Cost

Nange! Project: Providing Computer Skills to the Less Privileged at no Cost

On a hot afternoon, 2 children aged around 4 or 5 are seen fighting for ownership of an old computer keyboard. ‘Nange’, ‘Nange’ begged the younger one, a girl. ‘Nange’ is a ganda word meaning ‘me too.’

That is when it was decided to take on the obligation of offering basic training in the use of technologies for the less privileged children. In this project, children selected from various communities are taught how to operate computers, cameras, radios, TVs and any related technology.

What the statistics say

According to the International Telecommunications Union, less than a third of Africa’s 1.2 billion has access to the internet. The digital divide makes it even harder for women and vulnerable children to get access to computers and the internet.

Even when the government of Uganda introduced compulsory ICT education at high school, children in primary school will only get access to computers if they come from a privileged background.

Our solution

At E-zone School of Computing, we have decided to use our free time to provide free basic training in the use of technologies to kids from less privileged communities through the Nange! Project.


How you can help

You too can be part of this initiative by donating towards this project. Your donation will help meet the costs of upkeep for our volunteers, T-shirts for the kids, internet access,rent and even buy more computers to easily manage the numbers.

Would you support this and other initiatives? Please Click Here to donate.

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